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Alien Skin Snap Art € ##TOP##


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Why is a tcp connection, in tcp/ip, closed after a timeout?

In Linux, is the TCP connection timed out after a certain period of time by default?
To be clear, I am asking if a destination server, that receives a packet, doesn’t send an ACK (packet acknowledgement) within a certain period of time, the connection is, by default, closed?


When a TCP connection is idle, it has a “keep alive” timer that looks at the keep alive message at the start of a connection and on each receive message. When the timer expires, a TCP connection is closed.
The keep alive timer is configurable. There are some parameters in the socket/network configuration file that can change it. For example, if an application sets TCP_KEEPIDLE to 0 then keep alive doesn’t occur.


I don’t believe the TCP Connection would be closed, but the Socket would be closed. TCP does not use per se a socket connection. It uses a sending/receiving pair of Socket objects. But the stream that it is sending or receiving is held together and encapsulated in a Socket connection.
Because there is no guaranteed way to keep a TCP connection open – after the first receive packet timeout – a number of conditions can cause the socket and/or the connection to be closed. For example, if the connection stream is going to a server that is down for service, or is simply very very busy, or is in the process of sending data that is larger than your application buffers, or simply after a number of “TIME_WAIT” retransmits that have failed.
Usually, though, the timeout is not what closes the connection


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