Animel Pig Sex With Girl 3gp Mp4 In Zoo

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Animel Pig Sex With Girl 3gp Mp4 In Zoo


Animel Pig Sex With Girl 3gp Mp4 In Zoo

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Supreme Court Justice John Kiyinlolo on Friday informed the public that coronavirus is not a myth but a reality.

On Friday while addressing the media on the limits of social distancing, a media briefing arranged by the Constitutional Court, the Hon. Justice Kiyinlolo said the current number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Kenya is “growing rapidly”.

He further said the situation on the COVID-19 front is “very serious”, adding that although it will be difficult to control the spread of the virus, it has to be done.

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“The current situation is very serious, our job is to try and contain the spread of the virus so that we don’t get the death tolls we are seeing in some of the other countries. We are working to contain the situation but it is a challenge, so far, the situation is being controlled and we have to be creative to contain the spread of the virus.

“The number of cases have grown. The number of cases is growing rapidly. All the hospitals are full and not everyone is getting enough treatment. We have to do something and people have to understand that. People have to take this seriously.”

In an interview with the Tuko news editor Raheeba Wazir in April, Hon. Justice Kiyinlolo had said many of the coronavirus fears were a result of fake news that has gone viral and this has prevented many people from taking appropriate precautions.

“Some of the things that we hear being talked about in the media as being dangerous to the general population are not true and we are seeing that now with the coronavirus. People have heard things like coronavirus is going to cause people to die, you should not go out, and that people who are of certain age should not travel, but