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Concise Pediatrics Pdf Free Download

In 2003, the Joint Commission [ 30 ] recognized and published a core competency entitled Informed Handoff for health care providers, specifically for its application during patient handoffs. Informed Handoff was later renamed to Informed Interprofessional Communication in 2014, which reinforces the interprofessional communication focus of the tool. It is now widely accepted that effective communication can facilitate productive multidisciplinary care and collaboration. The importance and effectiveness of core communication skills for health care providers have been recognized by the World Health Organization [ 45 ], the US Department of Health and Human Services [ 46 ], the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists [ 47 ], and others. The Joint Commission [ 30 ] recommends all health care providers receive training in communication and workflow skills through the various levels of professional education. Further, the American Academy of Pediatrics [ 48 ] recommends that all health care professionals receive communication training.

Pediatrics is a rapidly changing field with new technologies and techniques introduced every year. A multitude of studies and trials continue to support the use of various forms of communication for improved patient handoffs [ 49, 50 ]. To this end, The Joint Commission [ 30 ] published a set of core competencies for pediatric handoffs, providing a framework to guide pediatric providers and institutions to prepare for safe, effective, patient-centered handoffs. The pediatric team includes pediatricians, pediatric nurses, physiotherapists, physician assistants, pharmacists, and others such as occupational therapists and behavioral psychologists. In the handoff process, the pediatric team works together to provide continuity of care, which is a key component in the efficient and effective delivery of patient care. This handoff tool has been designed to capture key elements of the pediatric team’s workflow and communication, in order to promote the safe handoff of patients. It is recognized that education is necessary to ensure pediatric health care providers are competent in all essential components of patient handoffs and can address pediatric patients’ needs. It is incumbent that we ensure all health care providers have the skills to effectively communicate during patient handoffs for pediatric patient safety. Further, there is an increased requirement for trainings that focus on the communication skills of pediatric health care providers. The Joint Commission’s Guidelines for Informed Handoff and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Handbook of Pediatric Emergency and Disaster Care provide both training requirements and recommendations to improve pediatric handoff skills. These guidelines are intended to be used for better communication during patient handoffs, among health care providers, and between health care providers and patients or families.

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