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If I say that the room was so secure and then I say that one dolphin was in the hall etc etc it makes no sense. It is really only secure to protect what is in the room. Like a safe can be secure and then someone can break into it.

She told him about freedom and about taking responsibility. She warned him that it couldnt be changed, but he knew that he could do it. She died when he was just 20. After his message from her, he was ready to go and see the dolphins. The dolphins were placed in the sea on the small island, a national park. A train takes them to the sea. Carolines father died a few days later and her mother found out that he was a Controller. She became terrified and ran away. She was arrested and executed by the government. She left everything to her children and abandoned them to Saul.

Saul is now a famous writer and he meets Catia, his virtual girlfriend on the Web. He was living a good life with her and her parents when they are killed by a terrorist bomb. He also meets Yann and his colleague Simone, They will help him to rescue the dolphins.

He has to control the story to prevent Caroline and her friends from dying. He must save the dolphins from his new colleagues. He realizes he can save his friends too, but he must be careful. He must be the hero in this story.

Ruth arrives at the jet. She goes in the cargo bay and opens the cockpit. She sees the jets machine and she shouts. Saul comes out. He tells her that the jet machine was seen, its the controllers jet and was flown by the person who has the weapons to control the dolphins.

Sauls father died when he was a young boy, his mother left him and his brother (Karl) in an orphanage. He grew up in the orphanage and his mother was unkind to him, he never talks to her. When he became a teenager he went to visit his brother and discovered that their father was a Controller, a person like Tony Blairs wife. The brother tried to escape but was killed in the war. The deaths of his brother and his father were the trigger for Saul to become a writer. He also tells the readers how the race of controllers keeps poor and ignorant and oppresses the poor. He learns that he has the ability to use his thoughts and control things. He uses this power to rescue the dolphins. All the books are on his profile. His article on music, titled dolphins music, is his most popular one. He has to control the story to prevent Caroline and her friends from dying. He must save the dolphins from his new colleagues. He realizes he can save his friends too, but he must be careful. He must be the hero in this story.
Saul try and use Ruth to find the dolphins. But he can not find the dolphins without Sue. Isnt this situation that they should be getting rid of each other? So now he would have the chance to find the dolphins without Sue and Ruth.
Saul what to do? Marrs know he saw the dolphins already, but he dont know where. He dont know what the dolphins are. He dont know how to find the dolphins. He dont know what Saul know. So Marrs begin to cry. He want to walk the shore. Isnt this the way for him to find the dolphins? This is where they did live.
Saul teach Marrs to look at the dolphins from up there and to try to tell the difference between the dolphins on some stars. Marrs have already done his research. I think he wants to get as little of the stars as possible. Isnt this hard. Isnt they more beautiful without the star? And with all the information Marrs has he shouldnt need stars? He should be able to see all of the dolphins for the horses. He just need to look at the dolphins….