Download Addons Zombie Plague Com Bot !NEW!

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Download Addons Zombie Plague Com Bot !NEW!


Download Addons Zombie Plague Com Bot

the amazing zombie mannequins add-on will turn your minecraft pe zombies into a real mannequin apocalypse! these will be your new, mutated zombie squad, and they’ll be waiting for you every time you return from your game!

herobrin’s zombie army is a great addition to your zombie apocalypse. with the herobrin’s zombie army add-on you can start your zombie apocalypse, but you will not be able to finish it until you defeat herobrin himself!

if you want to play minecraft pe with more zombies, then you’ll love the improved zombies add-on. now you’ll be able to play in a realistic zombie world, where you can fight with zombies, eat them, fight with them, and you can even make and sell zombie weapons.

the improved zombies add-on will make your minecraft pe zombies even more realistic. they will be stronger, healthier, and they will be able to climb ladders, walk on fences, and run with their weapons.

the pidora zombies add-on will make your minecraft pe zombies even more real, because it will add more realistic zombies to the game. these zombies will be more dangerous, and will be even able to walk on fire!

the improved zombies add-on will add more living dead to your minecraft pe world. you will see many new types of zombies, some of them will be dangerous, some of them will be funny, and some of them will be useful.

the kings and queens of the zombie apocalypse feature the ultimate zombie costume pack! the kings and queens of the zombie apocalypse add-on will add more heroes to your minecraft pe world. these heroes will fight for you in your quest to become a true zombie king or queen.

however if you use a mod like zombie apocalypse, the zombies always spawn no matter what and there are only a certain amount allowed. zombie apocalypse also has another job command that is very important: /za zombie. in this command, you must specify exactly how many zombies you want. this is also helpful for if you want a plague of undead, since they all will spawn the same way.
check out the previous lines for examples of the other fields in config.yml. the transform also has its own main command that runs that is /za transform. when you run this command, you will no longer be seen, since the zombies will be scaring away all others and you will be safe as a mummy in the dark.
if the mod only has a single zombie that follows you, you can make it so it only follows you at night. this will make it so that zombies aren’t a threat to players by day (and won’t do a scare for them).
to make it so that zombies only spawn at night, you can go into the zombie.yml file and change the days that spawn to just night. this will make it so the zombies wont show up during the day. this is also useful if your world is in like a mineshaft or something.
to disable the apocalypse messages, you can modify the messages.yml file. all the messages should be disabled except for when it actually happens. disable the first set of messages and the second set should stay as well, and the zombie messages should go back to the previous set.
if a zombie gets trapped, it can still be used to scare the players, but it cannot be used by the player to knock things over and, unless they have a minimal amount of numbers (lower than 1) on their farm, it can’t help them mine. you can also make it so that it will not chase the players, but it wont move either.