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ExecuteIt! Crack Free

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You can start and close programs time-dependently
You can schedule time-dependent programs and programs, which are carried out at defined time
E.g. shut down your machine
You can schedule windows applications
You can start DOS programs and scripts
You can start and stop programs and individual files

Differences to Excels Windows Task Scheduler:

When you want to schedule a program you can control the time of its start in the future or in the past.
The time setting is exact and seconds.
You can define a time range, where programs can be started.
In case of SHUTDOWN, you can shutdown the computer with a defined time.
You can also define a time range and shutdown your computer when the time is reached.
Applications of ExecuteIt!
ExecuteIt! can be started at a defined time from a “scheduled event”
The program can start at a specific time.
You can also start programs, which are carried out at a defined time.
e. g. shut down your computer.
Depending on the type of “scheduled event” you can start programs of the Internet Explorer or the Chrome browser.
You can schedule batch files or DOS programs.
It is also possible to start programs, which are associated with a file (registry).
You can even start DOS programs (e. g. time-dependently.
You can even start every file.
Whether the program opens or not is also completely up to the program, the application.
Whichever program you start time-dependently will always open the first time.
Also in case of a restart the program can start at the correct time.
How to execute a program with ExecuteIt!
The application can be started from the “executable file”, which can be opened from the file system.
The program can also be started from the “scheduled event”, which can be opened from the system options.
You can also run the program using the “Windowsrun” command.
This command can be used in the context of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
Examples with ExecuteIt!
“C:\path\to\Excel_Auto_backup.exe” c:\path\to\folder\file.xls
C:\path\to\Excel_Auto_backup.exe” C:\path\to\folder\file.xls

ExecuteIt! Activation [2022]

Simple starting of applications.
Start: you can start applications with predefine program names and parameters.
Stop: you can stop or start a program at a defined time, or in conjunction with ShutDown or any other operation on the computer.
Run: you can start or open every associated file.
Open: if a file is stored on a local or network drive, you can start the file’s program.
Wait: you can start a file and wait for it’s closing.
Pause: you can pause a file during operations.
Page: you can open the start page (i.e. you can open the start page and wait until the application is closed).
Quick: you can open any application quickly without waiting for button click.
Contact the developer:
Call our support line at: +371 27-271-241
or email your question to: [email protected]
Visit our website:
Our company motto:
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Execute It!

Create a Scheduled Task

You can create a scheduled task with ExecuteIt!. The task is started automatically when the PC boots. You can define the program that must be started. In addition, ExecuteIt! enables you to start your application in a certain time period. You can also stop the process.
As an example, you can use the form to enter the application path and a specific time to execute the application.

Create a Scheduled Task with ExecuteIt!

Create a Scheduled Task by clicking on the button Edit Schedule -> Create or Start -> Create. In the following dialog box, enter the path of the application you want to run.
On the Time tab, select the time on which you want to start your application.

Create a Scheduled Task with ExecuteIt!

In the following dialog box, choose the start time of the application.

Create a Scheduled Task with ExecuteIt!

If you want to call an already open application, you can also specify a path. In this case, you will probably have to go to the Start menu, open the program and then start your application.

Customize the Actions in an ExecuteIt! Scheduled Task

When you create a scheduled task with ExecuteIt!, you can customize the actions that your application takes.
To customize the actions, click on the button Configure. In the following dialog box, you can select the actions you want to execute.

Customize the Actions in an ExecuteIt! Scheduled Task

If the application you want to start already has an icon in the Taskbar, you can simply click on this icon to start the application.

If the application you want to start is not present in the Taskbar, you can still start the application. Simply click on the Start button to execute the program.

If you do not want to execute the application, you can simply click on the button Stop and not execute the program.

We have personally used ExecuteIt! in many scenarios. It is a very convenient tool.

You are welcome to leave your comments by contacting us via our support page.

This is an amazing tool! it’s great to be able to add tasks to the taskbar, or to have things started at specified times. All this without having to know complex scripting, and without having to have a programming background.

Unfortunately, unfortunately I’m

What’s New in the?

A free execution of programs and scripts at defined times on your PC.

If you are a man of the arts:

You can start more than 1 application at the same time.
Your only limitation is your keyboard.

If you are a man of industry:

You can open an unlimited number of different tasks at the same time.
“Multitasking”-Applications are fully scannable.

If you are a man of work:

You can close the applications and move your PC to another place as fast as you want.
You can start 1 task on your PC and another task at the same time on another PC.

If you are a man of pleasure:

Run any program at any time.
You will find it as easy as in the wallpaper-programs.
You can run every program from an USB flash memory.
It is possible to run only selected programs.
The start-time for the execution is often recalculated.
Support for real-time clock is included.

If you are a man of commitment:

You can run an application when you want. It is not limited.
Applications and computers can be shut down or started in real-time.
Automatic program closing can be set.
The program can be closed, if a job (defined) finished successfully or if a certain timespan (defined) has passed.

Our developement:
ExecuteIt! Version 1.0.1 was released 29th February 2007.
It included improvements in many areas.

BUGFIXES: You can now directly execute DOS and Windows scripts with EXE files.
BUGFIXES: You can now define a closing time of applications.
BUGFIXES: You can now define a “start time” and a “stop time” for any application.
BUGFIXES: You can now execute applications with fixed CPU-load to save CPU-power.
BUGFIXES: You can now execute more applications at the same time.
BUGFIXES: You can now start an application on a separate CPU core.
BUGFIXES: You can now run all processes and computer in a floating mode.
BUGFIXES: You can now include the processname as an optional parameter to an application.
BUGFIXES: You can now include a file which will be passed to any opening command of an application.


You can execute every kind of

System Requirements For ExecuteIt!:

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista (64bit Windows)
Memory: 128M
Processor:Pentium3 600MHz or higher
Hard Disk:18M minimum; 32M recommended
CD-ROM: Required
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM: Required
Language: English
Video: GeForce2 / Radeon8500 or higher
Sound: DirectX9 compatible sound card
How to install:
1. Unpack file