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Heidelberg Sherlock Software [VERIFIED] 📛

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Heidelberg Sherlock Software [VERIFIED] 📛

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Heidelberg Sherlock Software

but even if heidelberg was able to cut emissions for its exhibit by a third, it still had to make up the difference to meet the threshold for a green badge. to do that, heidelberg picked a one-year goal of 100,000 pounds of co2 emissions, roughly equivalent to the amount of emissions from a medium-size private-car fleet. and heidelberg’s co2 reduction strategy had only two pieces of the puzzle. the greening theme guided other aspects of the green effort, such as the way the company did business. some of the focus areas included reducing packaging and transportation emissions. others included the use of recycled materials and sourcing paper products from sustainable sources.

heidelberg realized that to achieve a 50,000-pound annual reduction, it would have to change its products and service offerings. the company also needed to explore ways to cut emissions in other parts of the business, such as office buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

the company also found new ways to boost its green efforts. for example, it started to work with partners to find other ways to help with its carbon-reduction efforts. besides the exhibit, heidelberg made a point to track and report its own emissions from operations and manufacturing in its annual sustainability report. according to the company, its emissions were 15,667 tons in 2011, a number that was 33 percent higher than it had reported in the prior year. (last year’s effort was heidelberg’s first sustainability report.)

the company also joined the climate savers program, a voluntary partnership of the u.s. environmental protection agency and eight other international companies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. as of this writing, heidelberg is the only u. company participating in the program, a fact that may reflect the strength of heidelberg’s greening efforts.

the good news is heidelberg doesn’t have to worry about that. its recent record of achievements shows the company has continued to evolve, and it’s hard to imagine that its latest production facility in germany will be any different. in fact, in this new facility heidelberg has incorporated the very best practices into its production process, from the foundation. after all, that’s where production starts in the first place. just like wal-mart’s environmental principles, heidelberg’s record of eco-practices, policies, and goals can be interpreted by everyone as a business model, not just a marketing tool.
that’s what greening is all about, in a nutshell. wal-mart’s efforts and heidelberg’s own efforts aren’t isolated acts. like the fertilizers and pesticides that heidelberg is applying in its fields, they’re part of a concerted effort. if heidelberg is able to keep it up, the results could be huge.
that’s why it’s wise for heidelberg and its competitors to adopt the greening label. whether it’s about energy efficiency, recycling, or other eco-policies, there is no downside. indeed, there is enormous upside to greening. if you’re looking to become more sustainable, it’s tough enough to be the first, let alone the first of the first.
still, it takes a big company to be a greening giant. whether it’s wal-mart or heidelberg, they can serve as role models for their competitors to follow. after all, greening is just another way to do business. after all, business is the engine that drives the rest of the economy, and as we all know, it doesn’t make sense to drive an engine that’s going to fall apart.