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MultiLoader V.5.65 – By Taylorh( _HOT_

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MultiLoader V.5.65 – By Taylorh( _HOT_

Download ⚹⚹⚹

MultiLoader V.5.65 – By Taylorh(

MultiLoader X.5.65 – By Taylorh( – XNAND extraction, flashing and more..
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download Multiloader 5.65 – by taylorh( Free file hosting for all Android developers.
Multiloader V.5.65 – By taylorh( Download.
Multiloader V.5.65 – By taylorh(

If you know any way to bypass, please contact me. Thank you.
My phone is GT-S5750 E. If you have any response, please share it.


Bada can be flashed using MultiLoader. For that you need to install MultiLoader first.

Download the MultiLoader apk from here.
Install it on the phone using the method described in this post.
Extract the MultiLoader.exe from the apk using WinRAR.
Open the installer using the method described here.
Follow the instructions.


To perform the flashing you will need to:

Install MultiLoader on your device (Downloaded from the link provided in the question).
Make a USB cable with a Type-C USB connector on one end and a mini USB connector on the other end.
Connect the Mini USB connector of the USB cable to the mini-USB connector of the phone.
Connect the Type-C USB connector of the USB cable to the Type-C USB port of the computer.
Unzip the extracted files.
Run the MultiLoader.exe.
Choose the “Install” option from the list of apps.
Select the app named “RU_MultiLoader_V_5.65_by_taylorh”
Select the “Apply” option.

When the flashing is done, you will have a new app installed under “All Apps”
You can flash the Custom ROM if it does not get installed by the factory ROM.
Note: There is a