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The watch function is fun. The kids love it, because they can see the time in their own lives. For me, that’s the single biggest reason to see how the Cleer Roam NC stacks up. Having an earbud I can wear all the time can be pretty useful, so adding the ability to see a time-stamped notification is a nice touch. I’m also going to have to see how it handles with calls, because the watch function is a personal favorite. It’s certainly a little gimmicky, but I’m sure Cleer has its reasons for the feature.

Things to consider:
Although strong earthquakes here in North Carolina are infrequent, proper construction techniques need to be followed. An earthquake of magnitude 5 or greater could block major transportation routes in the mountains and cause structural damage elsewhere.

S14. A sample headlamp is mounted in the abrasion test fixture of Figure 5 with the lens facing upward. When mounted on its support and resting on the lens of the test headlamp, the abrading pad is then weighted such that a pad pressure of 14 1 KPa. exists at the center and perpendicular to the face of the lens.

S14. Treatment of effects. (1) The lenses of the sample headlamp are wiped with the six-inch square soft cotton cloth as above; this treatment is repeated after the headlamp is cleaned, and again after another test fluid is used. (2) The upper lens surface of the lamp sample may be wiped with a cotton cloth saturated in either methanol, acetone, or a combination of acetone and isopropyl alcohol in the same ratio that equal parts of methanol and acetone are used for Option 1.

Nitz and Smith (2006) [3] collected data on the composition of the botanical litter accumulated in a stream channel on a 3 km stretch of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River (Flathead county, Montana, USA). The botanical litter in the channel consisted of a variety of woody and herbaceous taxa, including seeds, leaves, and wood, and was dominated by willows and grasses. Univariate analyses indicated that total plant mass and biomass were positively related to temperature, and that phosphorus and silicon were positively related to water depth and net accumulation. A multiple regression analysis indicated that 80% of the variation in total plant mass and biomass was attributable to temperature and 13% to phosphorus. The univariate analyses indicated that plant species richness, functional group richness and evenness, and plant litter mass and composition were all positively related to temperature. Multiple regression analyses indicated that temperature and phosphorus explained 38%, 33%, and 5% of the variation in the three measures of species richness, respectively. Plant functional group richness and functional group evenness increased with water depth, but the multiple regression analysis indicated that temperature was the single most important explanatory variable. No evidence was found for a long-term succession pattern in the stream.
While I am a proponent of an ANC experience, the lack of it in the Roam NC is a bit disappointing, especially since it is paired with an app. [6] I am looking forward to future updates where we can expect to hear from the developers on improving the ANC experience on the earbuds in the future.