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Otzflasherpack6download ^HOT^

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by Nyala Freedom

The occasion was the release of the new, 2018 edition of the Biracial Traveler, a brochure published by the National Council of Negro Women and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The brochure uses data gathered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service from federal, state and tribal agencies and other sources to demonstrate that nearly 200 million hectares (495 million acres) of public lands in the West are managed, protected, and/or available for use by their owners.

This year’s edition, which was launched Tuesday, Feb. 6, in Washington, D.C., also recognizes the critical need to protect lands being used for their traditional cultural and spiritual purposes.

NCNW and the NAACP endorse the Biracial Traveler.

According to the brochure, Native American and Black communities hold the largest stake of the land while 7.1 million acres of the most precious forests and 10.7 million acres of the most valuable grasslands are under consideration for other outdoor recreation activities.

Add to that, the Forest Service manages 22,926,744 acres in the West for protective purposes; 2,393,000 acres in the West for conservation purposes; and 9,876,052 acres in the West for grazing land.

The brochure emphasizes that these lands are managed by the Forest Service, which manages nearly 400 million acres and about 86 million acres of grassland. Most of the lands being taken into consideration are on federal public land.

Read the brochure here.

The Biracial Traveler has been published annually since