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Outkast Stankonia Zip Mediafire

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Outkast Stankonia Zip Mediafire

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Outkast Stankonia Zip Mediafire

When it comes to mainstream music, the phrase hip-hop is generally synonymous with NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan and even, more recently, Kanye. But In the background there are a lot of other influences that shaped the culture of hip-hop into the genre we know and love today. From Big Daddy Kane to the Beastie Boys, MF Doom to the Wu Tang Clan, from N.W.A. to P.C. It is all due to the personalities and musicians who made hip-hop what it is today, most of all, Outkast.

Sting showed interest in Outkast a decade ago, I think when Outkast was just a band on the brink of greatness. He visited the recording studio and even tried to convince Outkast to perform at the Grammys, but the group was having none of it. After the last recording session in August 1999, Andres third studio album, ATLiens, was shelved. A year passed, then two. Outkast performed around Europe in 2001 and in the US in 2002, and subsequently completed their second full-length album, Stankonia, in September 2003. Now, it is OUTKAST‚ÄôS 20th anniversary, and on April 1st Outkast will reunite once again to perform a collection of classics, including “Earth Song”, “Bombs Over Baghdad” and “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” for a concert in New Orleans. We spoke to Andres about reconnecting with the group, the reception to the album and about the future of a reunited Outkast.

There was also a lot of reaction to Stankonia. I was surprised by how negative the reaction was. I didnt think it was a bad record. I thought it was a good record. It was just a little too long for me. I love albums that are long. I like albums that are well produced, a lot of originality and a lot of time for the artists to showcase themselves. I felt like people were reading into things that werent there.

big boi was the best emcee of the 90s and stankonia is his crowning achievement. and the only thing that is more important than his skill is how its received. the album totally changed the sound of rap music. like i said, its the sound of atlanta. and most importantly, its the sound of a-town.
i mean, he was like the best rapper of the 90s. (no one wouldve cared if he wasnt in outkast) and the best producer. he was also a great actor and of course, the best emcee. but his image is constantly overshadowed by his shitty record label. and theres no one else like him.
470. outkast, speakerboxxx/the love below (2003) laface records old-school hip-hop heads can point to a couple of records that have had a profound effect on them, regardless of their musical preferences. one of them was krs-1s let me ride, and the other was speakerboxxx/the love below. i had never heard the latter, and the former was on the verge of being a regular staple on my rotation. ive never really gotten into de la soul, and as a result of speakerboxxx i was introduced to lil jon, grandmaster caz, and dj quik. i was really into the internet at the time, and that was the album that really influenced me. that and the fact that mc frontstuff was an influence on how i listened to hip-hop. his technical ability, and his melodic style, and how he could weave together a track, really made an impact on me. his beats were always tight, no matter how many keys he used.
465. antwan andrps homecoming (1994) jive records on the love below, outkast s writing credits are split between the duo and the rest of the members of organized noize. on speakerboxxx, theyre a team again, and its a massive feat to completely re-write a track for a new album. the songwriter here is andrps, who penned you got me, which sticks out as a curious throwback to the days of craig mack. although dre has produced a couple mtv cribs videos, this is the one that doesnt go there. instead, andrps paints a picture of a life at home, at a low-key wedding with his best pals and the family that is in the house. he reflects on how much he woulda loved to have been there, what the festivities woulda been like, and what life is like in the city.