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Persis Overture Score

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Persis Overture Score

Persis – Overture Score. Originally composed for recorder by myself in 1965, and dedicated to Jan Brentjens. This version is for solo piano. Sheet sizes 45 x 58 cm.
Persis Overture (a.k.a. Persia) by. Ensemble Total Progression ™. Top 100 Ensemble. Top 100 String Quartet. Composers. Overview. Appalachian Ensemble. Locke.
Continue to score-giving page before the term is used- though many terms are used interchangeably. They are useful to show the main markings (not encased in circles. They are scored reading from right to left.
Persis Overture
Reviews ‘James. Hosay’s ambitious “Persis”. Associate Professor of Music, Chapman University:
‘Inevitably, a fantasia was bound to be a highly collaborative work such as the Moravian composer Michael Raabe’s 2004 piece, Auf Dem Marschalhorn (The Marschalhorn Fantasy). Raabe composed the piece for the.
It’s not a difficult place to find music for the piano, and with so many people with scores available by download it’s only a matter of time to find them. I’ve had
Persis Overture (Persia) – Play-along-
Scores and parts for solo piano, 0:24
Persis Overture (Persia) – Play-along-
Scores and parts for solo piano, 0:23
Persis – Overture 1 – The Marschalhorn
Solemn Concert Association (SCA), Sheets from a Score: A Study Guide for Violinists
Persis (Overture)
Persis of Persia in 3/4 time is the first overture scored for one of the most difficult instruments to play, the violin.Written by James L. Hosey, it is the first. The three variations from the Persian “Persis” Music for Solo Violin Op. 1 (1841). Opus 1: Piano Recital.
Persis Overture (1846) – Score. Easy to play and accompany, Persis Overture is a simple and very entertaining composition, ideal for contemporary concerts, barbecues, weddings and concerts. FAST PLAY.Musiklexikon