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Photoshop 2020 Download [Mac/Win] 2022

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Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD

Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD






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Adobe Photoshop is a large, complex tool, but there are many free alternatives that are worth looking into. This list features some of the best free, lightweight photo-editing tools.

Simple but powerful, Affinity Photo is a fast Photoshop replacement that can manipulate your photos as well as edit RAW files.

9. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a powerful, intuitive, image-editing tool. It offers an extensive and sometimes overpowering amount of editing capabilities, and it offers both desktop and browser-based versions. Affinity Photo is part of a variety of products from Adobe’s namesake brand.

It’s robust in terms of what it can do in ways that sometimes feel overwhelming for beginners. It allows you to work with colors and shadows, offers a layer-based editing system, and has a professional toolkit for retouching and compositing. Affinity Photo also has a powerful, flexible plug-in system that allows it to enhance and add extra features to an image through third-party plug-ins.

Image: Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo offers you both desktop and browser-based versions, and you can use either for editing or work in tandem. Although you can use Affinity Photo as a standalone product, its editing features are better suited to working together, as much of its functionality is accessed through a secondary window or the desktop view.

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of powerful basic editing. Working with the desktop version of Affinity Photo, you’re able to edit most types of images, including RAW images.

Affinity Photo supports both Photoshop layers and Photoshop groups. Layers are the editing units in Photoshop, and groups work similarly to a folder hierarchy. Photoshop groups are a way of organizing images, and they allow you to create a folder and create groups within those folders, all within Affinity Photo.

Image: Affinity Photo

You can get a lot done with Affinity Photo, but it isn’t an entirely beginner-friendly editor because it has many advanced features. With Affinity Photo, some of the more advanced stuff is accessed through a secondary window or the desktop view. This works fine, as it’s easy to get the settings you need and quickly return to editing your image.


GIMP is a powerful open-source image-editing tool, and is one of the best free, lightweight editors on the market. GIMP

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In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Photoshop Elements 15 keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts make editing images and creating new images a lot easier. The difference between the keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements might not be apparent at first, but with time you’ll begin to distinguish them.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Elements 15

Use the instructions below for changing the file format in Photoshop Elements 15.

Use the instructions below to open images in Photoshop Elements 15.

Make those images into black and white:

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A to make a selection. Right-click within the selection and choose Convert to Grayscale.

Switch between color mode and grayscale

When working with images in Photoshop Elements 15, you might need to switch between color and grayscale modes. To do this, hold down the Shift key while clicking on a color thumbnail to view the image in grayscale. To return to the color view mode, hold down the Alt key and click on the color thumbnail.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly make this switch:

Ctrl + Shift + A to select an image with the Open dialog box, or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A to select a photo with the Web & Devices dialog box.

Open the dialog box and choose the color mode you want. To return to grayscale, hold down the Ctrl and click on the color thumbnail.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to view your images as a calendar:

Ctrl + 0 to open the calendar view, where you can view different parts of the week. Ctrl + click on a day in the calendar to open that day’s image.

To return to the normal view, press the Esc key.

Make your images run-time size:

This feature enables you to get a neat, squared-off look when you apply your graphics. In Photoshop Elements 15 you can accomplish this easily.

To resize the image, hold the Ctrl key down while pressing + or –. You can use the keyboard to apply sizes to the entire image, or you can use the slider to resize an image within the image’s borders. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to resize an image:

Ctrl + Shift + ( – ) to increase the size of an image

Ctrl + Shift + ( + ) to decrease the size of an image

To move an image to

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i5, Intel® Core™ i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or later, NVidia® GeForce® GTX 870M
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
An active Internet connection is required to download the game. The download and install will take approximately 1.5 hours.
About this game: