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Whatsapp Jar 240 X 400

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Whatsapp Jar 240 X 400

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Whatsapp Jar 240 X 400

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450 Page 2, For Nokia Asha, GSM Pack 2. 12 GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA+/3G/UMTS: In case of dual SIM mobile phone, you can use what app with your other SIM as. Whatsapp Download.A vacuum-sealed plastic bag containing half a hairbrush and a pair of underwear has been found in a Dutch canal and police are investigating whether the items are linked to that of two babies aged five months found in canals in the Netherlands and Denmark.

A man and woman were swimming in the Nieuwe Maas canal in central Amsterdam on Sunday when they found the plastic bag floating in the water. Upon inspecting the items, they saw that they were wet.

‘It has a smell like a baby’s bottom,’ the man said. They called the police.

The hairs brush had a red handle and a white plastic brush, while the underwear was blue.

Preliminary analysis by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) confirmed that the items belonged to the babies, whose parents discovered them in canals near their home in the central city of Vejle, in Denmark, on 24 April. The babies, who are now aged six and eight months, were “well cared for and dressed properly”, an investigating official told the BBC.

The bags were sealed with a special chemical, which stopped the decomposition of the bodies, according to the police.

A separate team in the Netherlands is still investigating whether the items are connected to the discovery of a pair of legs that were found in the Eem canal in The Hague on 19 April.

The parents of one of the babies have claimed that the five-month-old corpse was found in a plastic bag and that another was tied to a branch on their property.

Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen has called for greater cooperation between the two countries in the investigation into the discovery of the babies. In a statement he said: “The discovery of two children is a sad and terrible event that should not happen anywhere in the world.”

Mr Rasmussen added that Danish and Dutch officials were collaborating closely on the case, but that experts in each country must work independently. “We have to find the missing explanations in both countries,” he said.

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