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Windows 7 Supreme X64 Build 7601 SP1 RTM 2011 ##BEST##

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Windows 7 Supreme X64 Build 7601 SP1 RTM 2011 ##BEST##

LINK >>>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Windows 7 Supreme X64 Build 7601 SP1 RTM 2011

On October 9, 2015, the web app version of Microsoft Word was replaced with the Office Web Apps platform, a collection of web apps that provide word processing, spreadsheet and presentation application capabilities. On October 9, 2016, Microsoft announced that Office Web Apps would be discontinued for newer versions of Windows on December 9, 2016. The final removal of Microsoft Office Web Apps was on December 12, 2016.[44] Because all Microsoft Word documents are saved in its own format instead of an open standard format, older versions cannot properly open documents saved in version 2016 or newer. Microsoft did not provide an in-place upgrade, since that would remove personal settings and cannot be done automatically.[45]

Although the original Internet Explorer 10 was available to all Windows 8 users, the Internet Explorer 9 Preview version is available only for Windows 8.1 users. If desired, Windows 8 users can install Internet Explorer 10 from a Windows Server Side Install or as a Windows Store app.[39]

The second phase of Internet Explorer 11 development features the proper separation of the browser engine (NTLDR). NTLDR is a core component of Windows that boots the operating system. NTLDR is used by the operating system and by Windows Update to boot the OS and install patches, respectively. WU is responsible for deciding when to install new patches and service packs. New patches, updates and service packs are then installed through NTLDR. For all regular builds of NTLDR up to Build 7600, explorer.exe used to be the only executable that could be loaded into NTLDR. This release features a change that allows text to be loaded into NTLDR, which in turn will load the Windows executable, which will load Explorer.exe as the internet browser.[43] RC1 of Internet Explorer 11 will be branded as Indigo.[44]

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 follows the OS component lifecycle,[71] which means it remains supported with technical and security fixes while operating systems including it as a component are shipped. This means that there is no date for end of support for Internet Explorer 11.