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Over the past 30 years, research has shown that there has been an increasing and high degree of public interest in weather.

Local TV stations’ annual audience research demonstrates this to be true, even in quieter weather markets. Network and print research show a similar level of interest, which is why weather—often focusing on extreme weather events and their impacts—is typically included on national newscasts, placed high in the show, and is a staple of local newscasts. It is reasonable to expect that the fascination with weather is here to stay and may, in fact, increase as the impacts from climate change enhance the risk of many types of extreme weather. It is global, national, regional, and local in scope.

Both the average citizen and scientist from around the world seek understanding and in some cases answers to why and how this/a weather phenomenon happens. The WWC intends to offer our guests the opportunity to become more familiar with the causes of weather, experience the weather, learn why it changes and in some cases, changes so quickly, and what our future may hold. All of this information is intended to be experiential, immersive, and entertaining!

Our Values


We design and operate our venues to the highest standards and best global practices to ensure the safety and security of all our WWC guests and stakeholders.


We conduct our business with honesty, trust and transparency, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations at the WWC.


We focus on creativity to refresh the WWC’s venue offer to ensure we remain unique.

Guest Orientation

We seek opportunities to offer memorable guest weather related experiences that build trust and loyalty.


We believe commitment is an act at the WWC, not a word.


We put excellence at the center of everything we do at the WWC and invest every year to improve the quality of our venues and services, while remaining competitive in the tourist destination market.

The Cataract City Centre

The Cataract City Centre (C³) was created to form and locate the World Weather Center (WWC), a New York State 501 (C) (3) not for profit organization. The Cataract City Centre seeks to repurpose an existing building and build a world-class, weather-related destination venue in Niagara Falls, New York, home to one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. To fulfill this, C³ will acquire the former One Niagara building to be the home of the World Weather Center.

Major WWC elements and visitor spaces include:

  • Lobby/ticket sales/gift store
  • Introductory what is weather exhibits
  • Lightning, Thunder, and Rain Storms interactive exhibits
  • Tornado exhibits
  • Storm Chaser Vehicle motion-based simulators
  • Hurricane Wind Tunnel
  • Hurricane interactive exhibits
  • Hurricane Hunter Aircraft Theater
  • Typhoon interactive exhibits
  • Weather forecasting exhibits
  • Winter storms interactive exhibits
  • You Be the Forecaster studio
  • Blizzard of 1977 exhibits
  • Event/Education Spaces
  • Back-of-house and administrative spaces



Visitor Experience

Experience the weather like never before

The visit to WWC begins as visitors approach the C³ “Cube” Building. They will see the 100-foot high glass video wall transforming through thunder storms, lightning flashes, rain storms, snowmageddon, and more, all seemingly contained within the building’s structure, hosted by Skye™. Skye™ is the new, animated avatar representing the brand of the WWC. Visitors will enter WWC from the southwest corner, adjacent to the Niagara Falls State Park in a new lobby designed specifically for the new center.


WWC has been fortunate to have a variety of men and women who have participated in the WWC Board of Directors, develop the WWC concept and move the Project forward.

Sergio Fornasiero
Don Paul
Vice President
Craig Moore
Justin Reid
David Norton
Paul Maurer
John R. Simon