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The WWC advisory group is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills on the complex topic of the weather and its impact on all aspects of life.

The group of advisors complement the knowledge and skills of the formal WWC Board Members. Don Paul, WWC Board Member and Meteorologist, will serve as WWC Facilitator.

The Purpose of the WWC Advisory Group (“WWCAG”) is to advocate for the WWC experience, and programs and to increase its visibility, both internally and externally. The WWCAG can take on specific tasks to support the WWC activities, and can provide informed input as the WWC plans new activities or develop policies and procedures. The WWCAG provides non- binding strategic advice to the management of the organization.

WWCAG Membership is guided by the short-term focus on the needs, what skills, introductions and knowledge we will need to have or to accomplish the WWC immediate goals and business objectives. The advisors will help the WWC fill the gaps of knowledge for the immediate future. This will help the WWC attract customers, partners, key employees, financiers and other essential ingredients to get our WWC business o the ground. Furthermore, the WWC advisors will help with the establishment of credibility.

Initial WWCAG Members will establish with the WWC Board of Directors and its Executive Director, the Policies, Procedures, and Operational Handbook, including meeting frequency, types of meetings, and Membership Term for current and future members.

Current WWCAG Members:

Dr. Michael Mann, Director of the Earth System Science Center, Pennsylvania State University; Climatologist and Geophysicist

Dr. Kristin Poinar, Glaciologist; SUNY at Bualo; Postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Dr. Stephen Vermette, State University College Bualo; Full Member of the American Meteorological Society (Treasurer of the WNY Chapter), and member of the National Weather Association. Invited member of the Science Advisory Panel for the Niagara Falls, NY “Our World Weather Center”. Past co-coordinator of the New York Geographic Alliance (NYGA),

and research director of the NYGA project “B-Wet Upper Susquehanna Project’’.

Dr. Anthony Broccoli, Chairman of the Rutgers Department of Environmental Sciences, Co-Chair, Rutgers Climate Institute, Fellow, American Meteorological Society and American Society for the Advancement of Science

Dr. Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University, Academic focus on Global and Arctic climate

change, Arctic/mid-latitude linkages, sea ice, extreme weather and its connections to climate change, satellite remote sensing, cloud physics, large-scale atmospheric dynamics, jet streams, extra-tropical storm systems, as well as general atmospheric sciences.