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Recipes for Change brings together two key actors within our food system- chefs and grassroots farmers- to tell the story of farming communities’ experience of climate change through a conversation around food.

Fortunately, farmers are learning to adapt to these challenges and farm differently as to maintain their livelihoods. With the help of IFAD’s Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme, some grassroots farmers are learning to diversify crops yields or grow alternative, climate-resistant grains while others are engaging in new sources of income such as poultry rearing.

Chefs then have the opportunity to learn to cook and prepare a recipe with the farming community using the discussed traditional ingredients. This more than anything drives home the point that nothing unites us more than our universal need for food.

Both the average citizen and scientist from around the world seek understanding and in some cases answers to why and how this/a weather phenomenon happens. The WWC intends to offer our guests the opportunity to become more familiar with the causes of weather, experience the weather, learn why it changes and in some cases, changes so quickly, and what our future may hold. All of this information is intended to be experiential, immersive, and entertaining!