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The World Weather Center Venue Stage a variety of immersive, experiential, activities to learn about the impact and cause of weather around the world. The Thinkwell Group, a global design and production company that connects companies with custom content-driven experiences in the physical world has been selected to assist and design the venue selection and Stage. A ticketed revenue generator

The World Weather Center Global Bazaar a colorful series of displays, allowing the guest to view and purchase products, related to the weather, from around the world. The oering may include both dry, wet, and perishable products. Some souvenirs will directly relate to Niagara Falls. A globally recognized shipping provider will provide a solution to mailing the guest purchase home. A retail venue revenue generator….

The World Weather Center Global Conference Center, The Sheltera 16,000 sq. ft. open space conference center, high above the Niagara Falls with a spectacular view of the Canadian and American sides of the Niagara River. The exible meeting space is fully equipped with multimedia equipment, tables, and chairs for a variety of room settings. A reserved venue revenue generator….

The World Weather Center, Western New York Food Court, The Niagara an approximate 8,000 sq. ft. culinary experience of everything food, Western New York. Nestled above our entrance skirt and above the street scape, guest will have the opportunity to experience the tremendous, cultural cuisine of the region. This restaurant space may be a leased opportunity or directly managed by C³. A retail, food venue revenue generator….

The World Weather Center Observation Plateau a 16,000 sq. ft. 360-degree view of the Niagara Falls area, accessed by our new outside glass elevators. On a clear day, Toronto and Bualo can also be seen! As with parking prices, the prices per ticket will vary with the season. A ticketed venue revenue generator….

The World Weather Center Peak Restaurant and Lounge Nestled at the top of the WWC, accessed only by our new outdoor glass elevators, our guests will find a tremendous cuisine and extraordinary view of both the American Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Be cautious of the fog, it rolls in and out! A retail venue revenue generator….

The World Weather Center Underground Parking Ramp, the Cave Secure and protected from the elements, our ramp will provide parking for 325 vehicles and direct access into the World Weather Center. Ticket prices will be adjusted based on the season. A revenue generator…….

The World Weather Citizen Scientist™ Program The participant will enter this citizen science multilevel program and be guided to establish relationships around the world,   while focusing on what is personally important to them concerning the weather. Whether it is research or finding information and a potential solution to an issue (i.e. health, pain, flooding, storms, and economics) caused by certain weather related conditions, this “MultiCoRelational” experience seeks knowledge, truth, and value to the participant. A social media revenue generator….

The World Weather Center Skin Surrounding all four sides of the WWC is photovoltaic, glass skin that allows high definition animation and video to be displayed every day, all day. Images of weather situations, combined with up to 100 foot tall animation and video will become a major Corporate, Two Country Sponsorship opportunity. The skin, a venue unto its own, also allows the World Weather Center to become more sustainable as it generates a significant percentage of its energy needs. A revenue generator….

The World Weather Center Culinary Studio The WWC offers an international destination and platform to bring chefs, climatologists, meteorologists, scientists and educators from around the world to discuss the effect of weather on food.  In a television/digital streaming environment, the WWC Culinary Studio will be able to present informational content on the effects of weather to a life audience on a weekly basis.  Chefs from around the world will offer their comments on the weather and food in their particular geographic region.  This educational content will be “paired” with a live cooking demonstration related to their countries cuisine.  A revenue generator….

The World Weather Center, Weather Ambassador™ Summer Camp Weather Ambassadors™, also known as students in Grades 3-6, Grades 7-9, and Grades 10-12, will learn through a two week period of time, a variety of experiences and laboratory activities the cause and eect of dierent weather situations. Regional STEM curriculum will be utilized in complimenting all camp activities in providing an educational and fun experience.

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